Issue with Run . I can"t run my second project

Hello friends, I have an issue. Now i"am start to study the python and I need to solve the 3 task.
So when I finish the 1 task, and create new file and push Run, the replit always starting with 1 task .

This is because it is the way it is defined.
You have two options:

I always use the latter, but everybody is different (and I am old school)


What @whileTRUEpass said is good advice. I offer a third solution. You might want to click that as the quote isn’t formatting my code.

Hey @AronRoitman, welcome to the community!

You can click the three dots and click “Show hidden files” then click on the .replit file and then you can change the entrypoint to whatever file you want to run.


3 dots

Show hidden files

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