Issue with PHP Site Not Loading Properly on Replit

Dear Replit Support Team,

I am writing to report an issue that I have been experiencing with a PHP site that I am hosting on Replit. The site appears to be functioning properly when accessed from my localhost, but when I try to access it from Replit, it is not loading properly.

I have checked to make sure that the problem is not due to a local issue with my computer or internet connection, and I am confident that the issue is specific to Replit. When I try to access the site, it either fails to load completely or only partially loads, with some elements such as CSS or PHP includes missing.

I have included the URL for the site below for your reference. I would greatly appreciate any assistance that you can offer in resolving this issue.


See the topic Slow loading times for Repl pages.

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Thank you for your suggestion, but I have already checked the topic on slow loading times and it does not appear to be relevant to my issue. The problem I am experiencing is specific to my PHP site, which is loading properly when accessed from my localhost but not when accessed from Replit. I would appreciate any further assistance that you can offer in resolving this issue.

As Luis said, this is probably due to the issue in the big report he listed. This issue is causing exactly what you say for Repl’s on Replit, but it doesn’t seem to be affecting user’s with the jacket plan.