Issue with domain linking when linking a subdomain

The “domain linking” menu asks for a “domain” and when I input a subdomain such as


Then it tells me to add a chat.*****.ai CNAME record with a specific value in the DNS settings of my domain. I did add a CNAME field with chat as host (because it doesn’t seem to make sense to input chat.*****.ai as the host.

When I do this and navigate to chat.*****.ai there I see a message “Run this Repl to see the results here.” Linking to replit did definitely work, however for some reason replit doesn’t seem to recognise that a replit is actually running there. When I visit the “normal” replit web link, it works fine.

Any idea what to do to make chat.*****.ai work?

Web browser view of chat.*****.ai:


Domain linking menu in Replit

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Hi @JivanRoquet !
As you can see, it is pricessing the domain, and can take up to 2 days.
Everything looks okay, if it doesn’t work please tell us again!

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it’s been a week already

In my experience 2 days is a very high upper range. it takes more like 30 minutes to an hour usually.

Also, the “Replit” screen in chat.*****.ai shows that the DNS somehow was successfully propagated, but Replit seem to be unable to recognise it as this specific deployment. I should mention that it’s a long-running Replit, not an actual “deployment”.

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@JivanRoquet I understand.
What if you unlink and relink? Or try a A and TXT record instead?

I don’t understand. How can you use an A or TXT record to link a subdomain?

You should just be able to preform a DNS lookup on the CNAME Replit gives you, then use the A it returns.


Hi @JivanRoquet !
Has what @Firepup650 and I suggested work?
If not, could you share any errors that may have shown up?

Having the same problem it seems. It’s not a propagation issue, A and TXT records are correct. Would love to know what’s going on.
Screenshot 2023-08-31 at 10.15.39 AM

I don’t understand this part “then use the A it returns”. Use it for what? where? how?

Nope, neither worked. There is no specific error, just the same message as posted above.

“Currently, your domain is either not returning any records, or something is getting in the way of our verification process”.

It’s very weird because we’re definitely able to see that chat.*****.ai does point to Replit, as shown in the web browser screenshot. But somehow Replit does not recognise the Repl as being running.

I’m thinking it might be a bug on Replit’s end. I don’t think this is expected behaviour.

When you do a DNS lookup on the CNAME, it should give you at least a few records. The one you want is the A record. Simply copy the A record to your site after removing the CNAME, and see if that works.