Issue with deployment of Flask API

Problem description:
I am deploying a Flash API, it works perfect in the Replit development environment, but when deploying it, the requests result in internal errors, the requests are carbon copies from the ones used in the development area. All the environment variables are set correctly as well.

During the deployment process, I receive the following warning message: “Warning: Detected broken symlink! The path “/home/runner/Python/venv/bin/python3” does not exist. - 2023-07-07T13:29:20Z.”

The project exists out of a few dependencies managed in the pyproject.toml, a venv folder, a .replit file, and a few other basic folders. When deploying I have selected the “Web Server” option since it’s an API.


Expected behavior:

It working fine after deployment since it works in the development environment.
Actual behavior:
It doesn’t work, all endpoints return 500.
Steps to reproduce:
See 1 my first answer.

Bug appears at this link:
Any device.

Hi @Lucass2002 thank you for your message and apologies for the delay in responding to this.

Unfortunately I’m not sure why the errors are occurring when you deploy, especially if they are working fine in development. I’m going to ping @soren and @lincoln-replit who may be able to help here.

I already found the issue. The Replit DB does not work when deploying, only in the development area. Would be amazing if you guys could add this to your deployment documentation since I think it could spare people a lot of debug time.

I appreciate the help nonetheless.

Many thanks!


Thanks @Lucass2002 - glad you have resolved the issue and many thanks for sharing the reason. I’ve passed this feedback on to Replit to see if this could be added to a FAQ to help others moving forward.

Hey @Lucass2002 – you’re right that the Replit DB works differently in the workspace and in deployments. If you update the version of the Replit DB package that you have to the latest version, accessing the Replit DB should work. If it does not please let me know!

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