Issue with Database Creation and Access in Replit Deployment

I’ve been encountering a peculiar issue with a Python application that uses Peewee for database operations. When I run the program on the command line, everything works fine – the SQLite database file is created as expected, and there are no errors. However, when I attempt to deploy the same application using Replit’s “Deployment” feature, I run into an error related to database access. Specifically, the application fails to locate the SubscriptionState table, leading to an sqlite3.OperationalError: no such table: subscriptionstate error. It seems like the database file isn’t being created or accessed correctly in the deployment environment. This issue is a bit puzzling since the same code works perfectly when run locally from the command line.

Can anyone here help me solve this issue? Thanks alot!

You can’t modify/create files in a deployment at this time, staff have said they are working on a solution for this.