Issue with custom domain. Please help!

Hi there

I’m having trouble with custom domain set up, it’s a shame as I just love Replit and want to migrate everything over. I see the status on domains stuck in verifying step, this doesnt seem to be my issue as it is verified just not resolving.

Domain is, I checked with DNS and everything is set up as expected. resolves to a page that says run the Replit, (without www) doesn’t resolve.

Here’s the nameservers, where am I going wrong? :confused:

Record Type: Host Name: Value:
A @
A *
A www
CNAME webmail, smtp, pop, imap all set to the namebright . com
Nameservers to namebright as well

Replit is currently having issues verifying custom domains. Check for updates :+1:

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Replit is having a problem. Check for help.

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Also, to fix the " Run this Repl to see the results here " error, run the Repl and try again in about 5 minutes.

Thank you. Tried that and no change. I’ll try again later and follow along this thread and status alert.

Ok, sorry. Hopefully it works later!

Really appreciate your help.

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