Issue with an open port was not detected (hostingpid1)

I have issues with deployment where I’ve changed the deployment type from Autoscale to Reserved VM, and none of them worked.

Please can someone advise?

Hey, @anakula94 welcome to the forums!

Can you please provide a link to the repl? This way it is easier for staff and members of the community to help you!

Also see this guide on how to share your code:

Hey @NateDhaliwal

Here’s the link to my repl

The repl appears to be private or deleted.
Could you make it public?

Good flag. It is now public!

@anakula94 I see that it is not a web-based repl.
You’ll need to use Reserved VM Deployments for this.

Thank you for reviewing. I have chosen Reserved VM deployment, but the issue still persists, unfortunately.

I’m not sure that deployments are meant for non web-based repls.