Is this what old Replit looked like?

Is This What Old Replit Looked Like?

Hey Tech Lion! Welcome! No, this isn’t what old replit looked like, this is actually discourse.

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Why Does It Look So Bad?

lol, be nice @ReplitIronclad tried hard. more than 1,300 lines of css.

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Can you please elaborate?

Exactly 2,000 actually.

What do you mean? It looks great! This isn’t old Replit, Infact, this is the forums.

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Relax, I didn’t Know!

I Am A Local Env Dev, So Cloud IDE’s Are Out Of The Picture


@ReplitIronclad someone be dissin you man. You gonna put up with that?

Yeah this dude talking cap about Replit

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Ain’t no one disrespecting our site.