Is this supposed to happen? url question

Problem description:

In development, I know the is gone, but isn’t the url still supposed to reflect the name of the repl? I don’t know if this is a bug or not. It doesn’t really affect anything.

Expected behavior:

I would have expected

Actual behavior:

This is what I get in webview:

Steps to reproduce:

cf. this repl:


@latinlens hosting has been updated, removing free hosting. This is your development URL, which is only running when you are in the IDE.


@RedCoder do you know why this development url is working sometimes and not at other times? is replit working on the issue? I can see lots of people, including myself have posted issues with the development server link not working.

@AshrafRahman This is a separate issue, not related to the migration from Legacy Hosting to Deployments. Please post any issues related to that here: having a bad time? - Support / Bug Reports - Replit Ask

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@RedCoder, thanks, yes, I’m aware of that. Please allow me to clarify my question.

When Replit announced the arrival of deployments and the retiring of, the announcement message said: “Additionally, domains will transition to and will only be accessible when someone is in the editor.”

It does not mention anything about changing the subdomain from the name of your repl (such as FLASK_APP) to a long and seemingly random string of letters and digits such as “”.

My question is: Is the long random string of letters and numbers the correct development URL for when the repl is running in development? Or is the correct development url?

The long random string of letters and numbers.

The randomly generated url is indeed the correct url for your dev environment, as you’re not intended to share it.

Ok, thanks for clarifying.

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