Is this bounty real?

I encountered this project and seems interesting, but authors account does not seem legit, any thoughts?

It seems sketchy…

To be considered, your application must be a finished project and include a link to a Repl or Github repository.

This is very sketchy.


I have seen it pop up a lot on the bounties list, I just like to go look, it seems as if a lot of verified hunters have been going for it. I think it is legit, they just want people to help them set up a website for their Shopify account. Some people may do that, but they do have to buy the cycles before posting. I see it as why go through the hassle of buying the cycles and then just not using them. I see it as being legit but I also am not a moderator so @not-ethan could help you possibly.

PS- Welcome to the community @SabaKobaidze


Another thing I just now noticed possibly leading that this is not a joke and is a real bounty is their activity. They have been on in the last 16 hours, so they probably checking the people applying to do it. Also being devil’s advocate for myself, it could be him looking and seeing how many people fell into his trap. I would go ahead and apply for it as you can at least give it a shot.
Screenshot 2023-03-21 7.56.04 AM

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Technically Ethan isn’t staff, just a very knowledgeable moderator.


Scam go brrrrrrrrrrrrr


@SeaIT @Nova-team @Newlife08Domini- The people that had applied for it, so the ones on replit ask are able to see this.

Ones without replit ask-
PatrickSparks gamerzyzy JohnMichal32 meharab CadenBurgess1 Narendra8Pal constan0 pratikwankhede RylePhonix MANICHAND2 jvegalo NEFTME

yes, maybe. I got a email from email