Is there something wrong with the hosting?

The question is very simple: What is it and how to fix it? Why doesn’t it work as before?

@driskolroj Do you mind providing a link to the repl? Usually the cause of this hosting error has something to do with the programming language used, port or server in use, or faulty server side.

Link to the bot?

If it’s a bot, it should not have a webview.

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But I used to have it like this before:

That will no longer work, since legacy hosting ( is now gone. You’ll have to deploy to keep your bot alive.

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Where do you recommend deploying the bot?

If you’d like to stay with Replit, you should probably use a reserved VM deployment. You could also try autoscale, but I personally haven’t had much luck that way. If you’d rather find a free hoster, I’m not sure, but there’s topics with recommendations here if you look for them.

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Thank you very much I’ll try to search for topics on free hosting.