Is There Something Similar to Replit Database?

Being a complete beginner to the world of code, I find the Replit database to be a wonder of simplicity and almost exactly what I’m looking for (I basically need to store key/value pairs in a database instead of a server local variable). However, I need a solution that wont stop working once I take my code and go, so to speak. Is there a db solution out there that matches the Replit DB in ease of use?

Welcome to the forums, @karl28!
Not exactly. There are more powerful databases, such as PostgreSQL, but they are much harder to use. I could possibly develop a program that allows you to use PostgreSQL as a key-value paired database, if you’d like. It would basically allow for you to use a bigger and faster database as a key-value database like ReplitDB, the difference being that you can use it in other programs, too, and that it is much stronger.

Many thanks for your answer! I guessed as much; it seems like the world of databases is a bit of a jungle. (I took my first steps with the help of the Replit-embedded AI, for an old-timer like me it’s just one step short of witchcraft!)

I wouldn’t want you to do any work on my behalf, but I appreciate the offer. I guess I’ll just have to try and tackle that ‘SQL’ thing I’ve been hearing about…

No, no. I’ve always wondered if I could do it anyways. If it would benefit your projects, I’d be more than happy to create it. Are you using Python?

Js and node.js (express). Of other programming languages I know very little.

Use QuickDB, it’s pretty much the same thing

Thank you, I will give it a gander.

I have now tried this “quick.db”, and so far it seems to do the trick! Many thanks for the tip!

If you ever find yourselves thinking “if only I could control a spaceship from the Warhammer 40K universe with my voice alsone, and plotting it with pen and paper across the starts!” send me a line, and we can set it up. (It is emphatically not casual gaming - beware!)


I like Firebase RTDB, but it may be just a little too difficult for some beginners. Though it is actually what got me into JavaScript.

I’m using Firebase too! It’s great but a bit difficult to setup at the start, but I got there in the end.


After my 4 years of using it, it’s really just paste the script and import the right modules. I could probably type most of the imports from memory

No, I used it in the backend, which took a little more configuration.