Is there gonna be a god plan?

(btw I didnt know what category to post in so I just selected replit help)

Apparently theres a new god plan currently in alpha? Sorry please read the full post here please because I can only add one image and its not enough for this post

This should probably go in #general . If you spend a few minutes reading topics, you should be able to include more images.


I might be wrong, but I don’t think this would be #help .

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Could you send a screenshot of a repl that you’re editing? @Wikimedia

Hi @Wikimedia and welcome to the community! I am friends with several people of some importance here and have not heard of any such plan, nor do I think that Replit is likely to release a plan by that name. However, I cannot say with 100% certainty that no such plan will ever exist. Do you have any way to replicate this experience or any Repls made using the so-called “God plan” that your screenshots indicate you have access to?


Hi @Wikimedia no there is no plans to introduce a “god plan”. However there are plenty more new features to come in the next few weeks and months so keep an eye on the blog and site!


Hey, @Wikimedia, welcome to Replit Ask.

Based on what IanAtReplit said, no, there is no god plan. How did you find that badge? Your image says @Wikimedia had that little thing but looking at this, there is no badge:

but maybe it won’t be a paid plan, rather a token of validation somehow.

I’d like to know more about how you found out about this, and if you can give me links to profiles that have this. Also I’ll just toss this out: I think that inspect element could create this.

Edit: did more digging.

Using I was able to get when wikimedia account was created: [2022-11-11T17:21:27.819Z] to [November 11, 2022, at 5:21:27 PM UTC] which isn’t really a full year at when the date Wikimedia made this topic. So why would you get a message thanking you for staying with Replit for a year when you made an account only 5 months back? Also found this on User Info:
Screenshot 2023-04-26 5.55.34 PM
no “God” role. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think God would be on here if they actually had it.

but I heard its only visible to people who have the trial right now so you might not see it on mine

This sounds kind of fake as Replit would like to show people that the God plan exists if it actually did. Just in case, I checked here and I found what I expected >:/

Next, apparently, they get “God” for a month. I can’t find it, indicating the user doesn’t have it anymore, but it’s only been 3 days.

Finally, Replit knows there are some Atheists that use Replit, and a “God” title would be rather offensive to them. Different people have different backgrounds and different beliefs. Also, getting a title like this could mean that some people might think that Replit is like, calling you “God.” Replit wouldn’t deal with all the problems that would come from a title like “God” and I feel that it is pretty funny that not even a staff member would know that this is happening on Replit. Could this be a troll?

Edit 2: wanted to say that this is just evidence but I’m not claiming anything. I personally think it’s a joke but ultimately you decide.


I doubt any change in pricing would ever be shown to explorer.
They might do a 20-80 (come on folkd ask or google what this is :imp: ) but nothing more.
This said, if this God plan would be true … not worth it. It needs to include deployment or it is far from being interesting at that price. I have learnt with pro that fast development means nothing more than maximum (and far from average) performance and the rest is little on top of pro

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