Is there code refactoring function in the IDE?

Fom example , i wrote an function named abc(), now i want to rename it to edf(), and want all the calling code such as ‘abc()’ in my current project got renamed to ‘edf()’ automatically , but I have no idea whether this suppose works in replit IDE? could someone help with this? thx

highlight the function name, right click and select ‘find all occurrence’ (or something like that’, now type your new name and it’s done

note that it renames all of the occurrence, which means if some word includes the name of the renaming function that section will be renamed as well. so I strongly select the name with the open bracket, and add the bracket back after renaming


It does work, thanks a lot

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Alternatively, select the text and hold Ctrl + D until all occurrences have been selected.


Also alternatively, press Ctrl + H

The fastest way is to double click a “word” to highlight, then press Ctrl + Shift + L (putting cursors on all case-sensitive occurrences), then typing in the replacement.


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