Is there any advantage to using Reserved VM with Core plan?

I am running my always-on discord bot repl on Replit Core plan which was automatically upgraded from Hacker plan. When migrating it to deployments, the most appropriate way of deployments would be Reserved VM. But it is not free while Autoscale and static are free with Core plan. Is there any benefit of paying additional fee to use Reserved VM with Core plan other than making the repl private?
Thank you.

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Discord bots don’t work on static and autoscale deployments so you need to use reserved VM deployments


Thank you for your quick reply! OK, I should use Reserved VM with my repl. Then, is there any advantage to continuing my Core plan? I have only that discord bot repl which only use 1GiB data transfer for a month.

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No, the benefits of Deployments with Core is for Static and Autoscale. Reserved VMs are a fixed price, so Core won’t matter.


OK. Maybe I will stop my Core plan. Thanks a lot!

Hey @ke1yu!

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