Is there a way to reach replit support?

I have sent an inquiry to replit support and don’t get any reply since 4 days. I am on a replit core plan. Is there no support at Replit, just community forum?

Here is what we see on Replit Core Page:
Replit Core members are always first in line
Member support
Receive direct, private 1:1 support and assistance from our dedicated team of experts

Hi @barkint !
Under, you should see some ‘technical support’ or something similar. Explore the page, it’s somewhere there.

I’ve already contacted them through this form. There is a form, but no one is responding for days.

Ok, what about pressing the ? button on the bottom-left of ? And then press something support-related (besides the support form of

That website is now just a plain HTML page that says to email the appeals email. OP didn’t get banned, so OP shouldn’t email the appeals email.

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If you don’t mind me asking, what was this inquiry? We may be able to help you.

it’s the ticket page, if they put an email there then use it, lol

yes it might be the wrong email but they’ll probably tell you which one you actually do email

But that’ll be for moderation, for things like comments being hidden, banning, or reported repls. [1] is the general email, so they should redirect from there.

  1. Banking on the fact that OP is not emailing for the above reasons, but you don’t know that he isn’t ↩︎


It is accounting related. So support should answer.