Is there a way to put ads on a website

Hello! I made a website - - but I would like to put ads on it so I can get paid when users see the ads. Is this possible? Thank you!

I would recommend Google Adsense, Google AdSense - Earn Money From Website Monetization,

I tried Google Ads, but it would not let me add my website because I need to verify my payment information. Is there another website that does the same? Thank you! @804kn

Ezoic (Most popular one besides Google AdSense)


There’s a huge number of AdSense companies out there, be sure to view some reviews before you work with them.

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That is a game site that 1. may be against TOS but 2. you’d get monetization for games THEY made. Pretty sure that’s against gov’t law.

Why would verifying a payment method be a bad thing?

yes, because they need my ID

Thats for verifying that your over 18 and that its not fraudulent

Why can’t they just ask me my age and Credit Card / Paypal?

You could lie on both, technically.

How would I lie with my Credit Card and Paypal?

btw, its not against TOS

I’ve heard that PayPal doesn’t require solid proof of your age. If Google/anything asked, I could say I’m 83 years old.

I think they do bc they asked for my SSN when I signed up.

Check the first reply: Can I use PayPal without a SSN - PayPal Community

I tried to not put it when I signed up, but it said it was required.

Cash App doesn’t require verification of your age, neither does PayPal, they need that for linking a bank tho. So you could easily request a card from Cash App for the debit card (Some websites do this by not accepting “virtual” cards). Then you could theoretically use PayPal with the debit card to verify it. Both of these don’t require verification and you could create a fraudulent or underage account.

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