Is there a way to increase the font size of Console (Dev Tools)?

Does anyone know the way of increasing the font size in Developer Tools Console

Replit doesn’t actually support this kind of actions, if you actually want to do so you can use magnifier programs if your so supports and have one, or just enlarge the entire webpage if your browser supports that.

TL;DR: replit runs on linux OS which doesn’t allow this, but it is possible to do this with windows

Heyo, this is a really good question! Unfortunately you cannot do this. The answer is a bit complicated but I’ll attempt to break it down:

  1. Replit runs by sending your code to a server and replit will run the code and send you the output
  2. Replit runs on exclusively linux clusters, using only the linux OS
  3. Basically, linux doesn’t support as much “developer messing around with the os” as windows
  4. While it is possible to magnify an entire page on windows, linux is much more strict in what you can or cannot do.