Is there a way to increase replit acc space without plans?

I recently have been attempting to increase my account space on replit, yet my attempts are failing. The last thing on all of Earth that I want to do is to get a new plan. I have increased my monthly space, yet want to increase my account space the same way.

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Why is your whole post a blank URL?

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What might you mean? Oh, yes that. I did it so that the color would catch the eyes of those with answers. Anyways, got any solutions?

Ummm home/runner maybe? idk if that really answeres your question though.

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You can’t increase the storage space on each Repl without a paid plan and your account storage (number of Repls) is as vast as Replit’s ~20TB servers.



This is a bad idea


Yes, storing files in home/runner gives you unlimited storage for your Repl. However, this storage is wiped every time the Repl stops and even with always on, you can’t prevent a Repl from stopping.


A quick question, what might it be??? And no, I’ve gotten used to this method*

*Refering to this method of text highlighting

Wait but what if you use the repl that @anon93015244 made for the latest follower on someone’s profile? That is constantly running, no?

A folder only accessible via the command line (shell).

Then why are you confused?

Nothing constantly runs. Even always on stuff will reboot itself.

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