Is there a way i can run emscripten on replit?

Do i have to install it?
I keep getting errors then i install it!
Can i run the latest version?

Hi @apple67 , welcome to the forums!
Are you installing it with Nix?
If not, try going to your repl and entering this in the replit.nix file:

  environment.systemPackages = [

Yes but i cant run/load it on javascript

What are the errors you get?

I get some python errors on emscripten side

Cant you see my repls btw i dont know how to name them :slight_smile:

You can name them by clicking the name at the top-left corner, then change the text box.

Could you share the errors here?

It seems that you have multiple repls, so I don’t know which one you are using. If you could provide the link to the repl, it will help a lot!

Ok wait i will get them

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Never mind i think i dont have the files

Do you mean you cannot find the replit.nix file? Or the repl?