Is there a runtime time limit if im running a model from Flask?

Hi, I want to know if my code in flask can stop if it exceeds certain time.

Right now im devoloping a code for scrapping and Sending/Posting requests to many apis and web
pages. The runtime can be pretty high if im updating many items in it. The issue is that the flask app is like an internal webpage and I just need to execute the code in it completly.

I really need a big runtime because part of our design in the program is to run as many items as possible.

In the plan of replit there is the option of always ON, but ; It is always on for huge times?
and if it’s not the case. Is there an extra plan to pay or cycles for extending the runtime?

This will take up a lot of egress. See this topic.

I have been told that always on merely reboots your Repl every time it falls asleep. Thus, it will be running, stop, then instantly go again. The longer it takes to boot (more complex programs), the more annoying this could be.

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Ah, Ok. Thank you for the answer, it helps to know, but the doubt is still if there is a runtime limit specified by replit.

Not to my knowledge.