Is there a rundown of topics covered in each lesson for reference?

Hello. I’m new to the 100 Days of Code program (just finishing up Day 15 material) and wanted to ask if there is any place to go review what is covered in each lesson? I’m guessing not, so I’ll start making my own notebook of items, but was hoping that maybe someone has beat me to it. What got me thinking of this is when it comes to a challenge where I want to refer back to previous teachings that I know have been presented, but can’t remember the exact syntax, and can’t remember which specific lesson covered it.

i.e. - if I want to change the colour of text, but can’t remember the correct \033[0m syntax, which video did I see that in so I can go back to review

That’s the sort of thing I’m thinking. Right now I’m pretty sure at some point there has been discussion on how to ignore string case, but I can’t remember which lesson that was. Anyway, that’s all I was wondering. Thanks to anyone who answers :slight_smile:


Well I don’t think anyone has made one, but good luck :slightly_smiling_face:

I just randomly open up my 100 days of code Repls hoping they have what I’m looking for, lol.