Is there a C# Crosis client?

Is there a C# Crosis client?

I’m trying to download repls through C# and I can already do so through NodeJS but I just wanna do it through C# and I’ve tried to implement it myself by connecting to a wss:// url but I could never parse or decode the messages even while following GitHub - replit/protocol: The Protocol definition file and language bindings, and I don’t want to use the .zip url’s that you can put at the end of repls because it only works on your own repls, and since I can’t achieve this, is there anyone that can make a C# Crosis client?

Hi @numerical , welcome to the forums!
This sounds like you may want to create a Replit Bounty.
Also, you said:

Can’t you fork that repl and then download the fork, before deleting the repl once you have the fork?

Hope this helps!

Hi @numerical !
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