Is the storage completely broken?

my total storage when querying in the shell: 49M
~/XXX$ ls -lh
total 49M

what Replit Storage says: 755M

and it’s happening to a bunch of my Repls and sometimes it completely break the project saying the storage is fulll even if it isn’t

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yeah that’s replit for you. I don’t know what’s going on here, but your project probably uses 49MB but replit definition of giving you x amount of resources is they give it to you but, oh wow, they are also gonna do stuff with your allotted resources, that’s like saying here’s 5 sandwiches, but you can’t eat them because the works ate 4 in order to make your sandwhiches, so yeah you got “x” resources but in reality replit be using them


Try du -sh instead, ls -lh will not account for files in subdirectories. If you need help finding the biggest files to remove, run nix-shell -p ncdu --run "ncdu -x" in the shell.