Is the ReplitClient.js API for the Web ever going to resurface?

NOTE: I have stored it in this page’s HTML file due to it disappearing from the web.

Is this ever going to come back?

Replit says:
[Update Oct 2022: We have retired our API, we are excited by our previous work but we do not have the resources to support this at the moment.]

Is it possible now that Replit has grown a bit bigger?


Personally wanting to be able to run Oak in the browser on my Website:

   "'hello world' |> print()", {
   stdout: function(output) {
     // output from the Oak process: hello world
   function success(result) {
     // The evaluation succeeded. Result will contain `data` or `error`
     // depending on whether the code compiled and ran or if there was an
     // error.
     if (result.error) {
       console.log('Error:', result.error);
     } else {
   function error(error) {
     // There was an error connecting to the service :(
     console.error('Error connecting to');

I don’t think it will but I honestly have no idea


Hey @Spcfork!

I apologize for the delay on this. I didn’t realize we had a backlog of tickets that weren’t sent into our ticketing system. We have fixed the issue and are running through the ones we missed.

Regarding the issue, we do not have a public roadmap for the API and cannot issue an ETA on when we will bring this back.

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