Is the replit bounty place becoming an AI market?

I just feel like it is. Post your opinion about it hear (and do not complain about there being no console bounties)


there are no console bounties but that’s fine; what’s not fine is that it’s all a bunch of replit basically swindling people since they get like 10% cuts and then using “templates” that normalizing paying 3k on a website you’ve never heard of. You have no idea of the quality, and they are all outrageously pro company level as opposed to realistic stuff that a single person with limited resources can complete


yes every thing i see on there is somthing to do with chatgpt, worst of all for what you have to do they only pay some around 100 dollars

err, 100 dollars for something like a website is fine. 100 cycles for it is not fine


meh depend on the website, for one page or two maybe but full on website nah you gota pay me at least 900

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also is it a bad thing i barely understand most the bounties

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Do you have a problem with AI? :eyes:


Got here before @QwertyQwerty88, but on behalf of Qwerty, wrong here.

I disagree, sure AI is really popular at the moment, but there are still plenty of other bounties out there like this bounty I’m currently working on. In fact, I’ve completed around 11 bounties now, only one of which is AI related (I’m also working on an AI related bounty right now and I’ve applied for another, but that’s besides the point), so the vast majority of bounties I’ve completed are not AI related. As time goes on there will probably be more bounties unrelated to AI as AI becomes more normal.


Lol, I saw that and was confused but didn’t realize he meant to say “here”

that is unreasonable, if you mean at least 900 dollars, if you mean at least 900 cycles though, that is reasonable


The Replit bounty place is an AI market. I haven’t been here long enough to speak about its past but it for sure revolves around AI these days. I go there to look for bounties with Python or web-based stuff and all I see is OpenAI and ChatGPT and I don’t know how to use those nor do I want to learn. I have better things to do.

I feel like it’s just a way to get AI access from other people. There’s no console/webview offers and it sucks.

tbh, NO one uses consoles in life.

When I want to make a website with Python I first make a console app then turn it into a website with Flask…

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I mean, for actually helping people in life. no one uses it thought it could be useful

Well if you had a simple program which did something like reorganize files, sort things, etc (things that dont need much visual interaction) a GUI is kind of over complicating


Yeah I wrote a Python program to take the clutter of school files out of my Downloads folder and sort them for my by keywords in the file names. Super useful. I even made it so that I can just run organizer in terminal and it will run the program. Console programs are not dead and are still usable.