Is the AI ghostwriter part of the Teams Pro plan

I’d like to get replit for teams but want to make sure that the AI ghostwriter is part of the plan. Thanks

Teams Pro does not include Ghostwriter at the moment. We do not yet have a feature for admin-level granting of Ghostwriter to Teams Pro seats.

You would need to purchase the Ghostwriter power-up on each account, via Cycles or the individual Pro Plan.


Thanks, if I do this then it becomes $25 per person ($15 for teams + $10 cycle) which is more than the regular pro plan. Is it on the roadmap to have it built into teams pro? I’d like to start using this for large teams

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We’re always working on making our Teams Pro product better. I’m reaching in DMs to talk more.


Hi, I just purchased a team plan to work on a side project with a friend and I was expecting Ghostwriter to be part of the offering.

When will it be part of the team pro plan please? Very confusing to have it part of the “Individual Pro” and not the actual Organization Pro plan

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+1 on including Ghostwriter a feature in a Teams Pro plan. Also on the same boat where we purchased Teams Pro with the expectations of having Ghostwriter because spending more as a Team than individually doesn’t make sense. Can we expedite the Ghostwriter with admin level granting feature please? Thank you!

Hi @AbegailSudario , welcome to the forums!
You can make a Feature Requests for this if you want this feature to be implemented!
Hope this helps!

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Hi @NateDhaliwal,

Gotta say, as the person working with @AbegailSudario and who signed us up for the teams pro plan, I was under the impression Ghostwriter was included in Teams Pro.

It’s pretty frustrating that we have to pay for individual pro accounts PLUS team pro accounts if we are going to collaborate on closed source projects and want to use Ghostwriter.

Is there some other way you’re supposed to approach this like buying cycles in the team as IrisWoods mentioned above? Or are you saying we are supposed to open a feature request to add something like that?

Hey @andybrk , you can check out this topic with the request.

Hope this helps!