Is replit dying

I found out every once in a while replit just breaks itself and slowing down everything
Like right now I was peacefully making a module and bout to post it’s update to PYPI before it breaks again.
I’m sure it is replit not me since my wifi is cool and fast, and I did nothing to the code but pressing another run button

What is going on here?.?


Well, it’s a matter of opinion whether or not Replit is dying. I’m going to try to keep this as objective as possible and list the facts (from my limited perspective).
I’m going to number these so it’s easy to reference them but these are in no particular order.

  1. It has been said that Replit has been losing money for years.
  2. Replit experienced great growth during COVID-19; however, now people are (somewhat) returning to normal lives, and many people are spending less time on Replit now.
  3. Replit has millions of users and yet a staff of less than 100 (less than 50 IIRC). This can make some things difficult (such as listening to every request/complaint of the people). Replit has a few people for this, but still a tiny number compared to the large number of users.
  4. Replit has had an unusual number of breakages in the past month or two. There have been as many as three hosting outages in a single week, multiple times. Previously hosting outages were few and far between.
  5. Due to expenses, Replit decided to launch egress limits (restricting how much data your Repls send over the internet). These were tiny limits and enraged the community. Replit repented and gave more generous limits.
  6. This was not the only community outrage in recent months, as many of Replit’s changes were responded to negatively.
  7. Replit continues to lessen the amount of stuff you get with paid plans (just ask somebody with the hacker plan).
  8. Many people don’t like the moderators and claim that they are abusing their power and hoisting their projects on Replit.
  9. It is a known fact that some people on Replit are abusing the trending algorithm and botted alt accounts to hoist their Repls.

Basically, there’s been a lot of tension and trouble. It could resolve itself and it might not. I assume that Replit will continue to exist, but you can draw your own conclusions.


Yeah Eljah I was doing the same thing as you but I realized they were talking about it ACTUALLY breaking lol.


Well it is not the replit itself dying, is it’s VM and systems dying lol


You didn’t make that clear. The systems seem to be dying in conjunction with the rest of Replit’s recent issues.

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Replit is changing and evolving as it needs to monetize. Finding a way to do this while still supporting a free tier is going to be a challenge and not a small one. If you feel it is dying it is because is moving far from what you would like it to be, so give them constructive feedback.