Is replit codes are safe

is my replit code are safe in free? I mean can anyone access to my codes? Without premium

Hi @Sumit-Gaming-YT , welcome to the forums! The code in your repl can be seen by everyone, but if people want to take your code, they’ll have to fork your repl (On the Cover Page of their repl, it says that they forked it from yours).
However, if you feel that you want your code to be private, you can create a Private repl (paid), or store your code in Secrets, then run it from there.
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Article in the Replit documentation about private replays:

@NateDhaliwal you can take it from their Repl without forking. Just select the code and copy it.


Ah, yes. Of course. Looks like code isn’t so safe anymore…
So… @Sumit-Gaming-YT your code isn’t safe, unless it’s a private repl.


Tbh Replit aimed to facilitate collaborative coding by allowing multiple users to work on the same codebase simultaneously. So I wouldn’t say that replit ins’t safe… but that replit have a different objective?

If you don’t want anyone else to see your code the best solution (as stated here) is to buy the private option.


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Yes I think one of Replit’s goals is to allow users to easily remix other people’s projects under the MIT License. That way, everyone can learn from everyone and have fun doing it. If you want to keep your Repls private, both the hacker and pro plans have unlimited private Repls (private web Repls are really fun as the source is private but the website is public). Running your code from a secret is possible but far from practical.


You can’t CTRL+U? The code will be there. The other files as well.
Also, why is it fun?

Never heard of that shortcut before. Even if you can easily put your code in a secret, modifying it will be difficult.

Because when you see a cool program you can fork it and make it better.

Ctrl+U is to view the source code of the webpage (you can see script.js if you look at the link tag)
Let’s go back to the topic: code in secrets is impractical and difficult to read.

Your web Repls will never truly be safe because yes you can view the source (neat shortcut btw). However, anything done serverside will not be public so it is partially effective.

The topic is “Is replit codes are safe”. We have now discussed how safe they are, and what can be done to make them safer, and the pros and cons of a private Repl. I don’t want to get off-topic here.