Is Safe with Lightspeed?

I teach at a large public high school - we are using to do Python apps. Recently we tried, to set up a different class with a HTML, CSS, JavaScript to do some HTML5 games. Unable to access. The tech support people are telling me this:

" “Certain aspects of’s technology allow students to create and publish a proxy service via websocket connections, which allowed them and others to bypass Lightspeed’s content filter. As a result, all domains were moved to the security.proxy category in Lightspeed Filter. This also prevented students from using for educational purposes.”

Can anyone refute or confirm this?


Lightspeed will not listen. I have tried many many times, they don’t even care. Don’t waste your time with them.

I think Github Pages is a good way to host static pages, though it takes a minute for the site to update.

However, you can get your school admin to get unblocked just for your school. You should tell them to unblock though, and get your students to use Firewalled Replit instead if they unblock it.

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I can confirm it is possible to create proxies, however ‘proxies’ created with plain HTML, CSS & JS would be be much easier to block than those created with a Python server for example. Pretty much the best you can do without a server is use aniframe which shouldn’t work if you have a content filter that blocks certain pages anyway.

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Yes, I can confirm this. However, this is strictly not allowed and Replit automatically blocks proxies.

I also checked if all of the websites are categorized as security.proxy:

So they are. It doesn’t affect me, I can still use Replit fine, but I think this varies from school to school/district to district.

BTW quick note domains are categorized as “computers,” Glitch should work better.