Is my code public or private?


Can I put my code, done in Replit, private, without pay for it?


No. Unless you put all the code into a secret (which only works if the Repl is a website and has a backend)


Please, I am new here…

Is possible put all my code secret?

Thank you for your patience and last reply.

Is your Repl a website and does it have a backend?

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Are you really trying to hide everything, or just a password or something? If it’s just a variable you need to hide, use Secrets.



What is a Repl? Is a Reply or Replit, perhaps…
What is a backend?

I will try to acknowledge it…


This is a reply.

Replit is a website used to code.

Repls are “projects” on Replit.

Backend is a bit more complicated to explain, but basically on a website there is a frontend and backend. When the a user opens your website, they send a request to your backend. And the backend returns a response and some HTML for the user to see.

Since you don’t know what a backend is, I’m assuming you don’t have one. So you cannot make your code private without paying.


You can apply for the Github Student Developer Pack, all you need is your school ID. I’m pretty sure it gives you several months of free private repls. Or like @QwertyQwerty88 said, you can put all your source code into a environmental secret and exec or eval it

import os


The value of src could be print('hello world')

And also like I said, it has to be on a website with a backend, unless you’re fine with other people not being able to run the program, or just inviting the people who you want to run the program (that allows them to see and edit the code, though)

Oh yea, I was mainly thinking about python :joy:

Backend is the code that is run on the server and frontend is code that is run on your client

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Does that works with Swift programming language?

Thank you