Is my application stopped?

Question: It doesn’t seem like my application is actually shutting down. Am I doing some thing wrong?

I’m running a Node JS server that’s listening for HTTP requests. It seems that even after hitting ctrl-C multiple times, and ensuring that the ‘Run’ button at the top is indicating that the application is stopped, I still see in the console that the server is still receiving and logging HTTP requests.

Am I doing something wrong in shutting down the application?

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Probably a bug¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Do kill 1 in shell, that should work

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Thanks for the answer. I tried that, but it still didn’t work.

In fact, if I send an HTTP request to the server, it actually “wakes” up and starts running again :open_mouth:

That’s usually seen as intended behavior AFAIK.


if you really don’t want it to run for a while you can go to .replit and replace entry = 'index.js' (should look kind of like that) and replace it with run = '' it won’t do anything but you can’t run your code either so you’ll have to use shell. @BrianChoe1