Is it worth it to port my Replit Python Code to a Raspberry Pi? (3B+, but that doesn't really matter)

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  1. I haven’t properly read the code, I mean, you posted this 6 minutes ago, after all, but I think the only thing that’s “Replit-specific” about it is Secrets, which you’ll have to use .env for.
  1. oh my god that code lol. It’s not that bad, I’ve definitely seen worse, but:
  • """STARTUP FUNCS""" please use # STARTUP FUNCS instead. What you used is a docstring and docstrings are meant for documenting.




generally try to avoid star imports, cause what if:

  • lib1 has a func, spam
  • lib2 gets an update, it now also has a spam func

now their functions will clash == not good