Is It possible to use multiple repls for the same project?

Is it possible to use multiple REPLS for the same project? For example: One REPL could be a game, while the other could be the server for that game.

Since I’m making a fan game, the servers will store entity data from polygons, bosses, tanks(the players), walls, and tank bullets. The game will get the data and render stuff based on the data, along with sending information about the player’s tank. finding names for io games is hard. do you have any name ideas?

This is easily possible depending on the language you’re using. I’m not an expert in such things so I can’t give any specific advice but it is certainly possible. Now, I seem to recall either the ToS or the Replit Guidelines saying not to link multiple Repls together to bypass limits, but

  1. That doesn’t apply in this case as this would just be a handy OOP project and not meant to bypass limits
  2. Accounts now have a set storage limit and it is no longer per Repl, so unless the server is on one account and the game is on your alt, it would not bypass any regulations that I’m aware of.

I don’t think that’s a rule, someone correct me if I’m wrong, but either way you can’t evade limits especially because they are now account wise (storage and egress)

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