Is it possible to use Bitbucket instead of GitHub?


I would like to know if it’s possible to use Bitbucket git hosting service instead of GitHub. I’ve tried to clone a repository hosted on Bitbucket but it returns the error:

error: unable to read askpass response from 'replit-git-askpass

and asks for a password but after typing the password it returns the error:

remote: Invalid credentials
fatal: Authentication failed for <repository_url>

Is there any workaround to make it work and not use the GIT_ASKPASS=replit-git-askpass environment variable?

Thanks in advance.

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Hey @lznmarcos!

Are you looking to use Bitbucket in the shell or with our Git integration pane in the workspace?

Hi @ShaneAtReplit!

Thank you for your reply.
I’m looking to use it in the shell.

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Thanks! I will bring this up with the team and will follow up once I have an update!


Thanks, Shane! I really appreciate that!


We only support Github with our shell auth system. However, to use other services such as Bitbucket, you can use traditional methods of auth such as SSH or API keys in order to authenticate the shell instance of the Repl.


Good to know that we can still use traditional methods to connect to other git cloud repositories like Bitbucket.

I’ve just tried to use SSH to push some commits to Bitbucket and it worked like a charm.

Thank you @ShaneAtReplit!


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