Is it possible to see my progress to TL3?

Is it possible to see my progress to TL3?
Can an admin show me it?

You can ask a mod (I asked both @not-ethan and @MattDESTROYER ), and Matt told me a vague answer… like ‘a few weeks’ or something. Vague.


I was told “not to soon” by not-ethan :confused:

To prevent gaming the system or anything like that, we won’t tell you exactly how close you are, but if you ask we can give you a very vague idea (as @NateDhaliwal) mentioned. :smile:


Can I have a vague idea then? lol

Hasent changed much since a few hours ago

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I dont even know what trust level i am (how do i check), but how close am i?

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Click the expand button on your profiel


Oh thanks, I assume member means 2?


basic: 1
member: 2
regular: 3
leader: 4

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that was quite a vaque idea

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