Is it possible to iterate through my repls?

Question: is there a way to iterate (in Python, in my case) through my current repls, to retrieve the title and any descriptions added (from the “edit” function on the “my repls” page. I’m playing with building out a fully automated “100 days” web page generator, and it’d be pretty cool if it could just iterate through the population of my repls, then return the full title and description of those whose title starts with “100Days”, rather than manually creating a dictionary or db with that info.

What I’m thinking is something conceptually like:

for repl in my_repls:
if “”.join(repl_title[7] = “100Days”
repl_dict[repl_title] = repl_description

Then using that generated dictionary to automate the page generation, and possibly a displayed table of the repls.

It’d be cool. I just don’t even know if that’s possible.

There are three ways:

  1. Replit API. You can’t use the Replit API since it’s against the ToS
  2. Web Scraping. Likewise, you can’t use it because of the ToS
  3. Bookmarklet. Probably safer to not do it, but sort-of disallowed
  4. Downloading + Parsing HTML. Safest method, but does not update live.

I’m curious - why is using the Replit API prohibited?

Because I am a volunteer and not a site moderator, I cannot provide an accurate answer to that question. However, I think that it’s to prevent bots (such as comment spammers), etc, from abusing their system.