Is it posible to merge databases

i have a replit in nodejs and i am moving it to a updated site but i need to transfer the database also how can i do this tho

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I think you mean replitdb, for replitdb you can just print all the data in the form of json file and just copy it into another file from where you can read it using fs. If you provide at least in what form your data is saved or in what order the keys are in, I might be able to share code too.

I mean if name of the keys is serial wise or randomly assigned?


it is ok now i had coppied some of the code from the db with a unoffical db viewer and it wouldnt work well when i added it to the new db it wouldnt read it properly im unsure why but idk ill have to figure somthing out

Well It’s not that hard, you just have to use for loop but again I have no idea of how your db looks