Is it even possible of getting more storage, above the hacker plan?

I host a small Minecraft server, and I feel compatible with using this service but I feel like it’s not enough storage to hold a Minecraft server on.

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Hey, @FretCyle welcome to the forums!

Currently this is not possible. Thought I think I heard you may be able to buy more with cycles in the future but I am not 100% sure.

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I know there’s a way to go above RAM limits so maybe you can do the same with storage?

RAM screenshot

If you use the du and df commands it does show that you have 32 GB available in total.

I believe df is just the total storage available on Replit’s Linux Machine which your Repl runs on. You can’t (or at least you’re not supposed to be able to) access all of that storage. You can access different amounts depending on your plan (and maybe even upgrades in the future).


df can show the space used and available for different mounted filesystems, but if you use grep like in the command bellow, it shows you the space for just your Repl’s folder:

df -h | grep "/home/runner/$REPL_SLUG"

For me, it says in total I have 32GB, and 14MB used.
But Replit probably has some custom limit set not visible this way.

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Yeah, what I’m saying (and I could be completely wrong) is that that amount is the amount of space available on the Linux Machine, the folder your Repl is in just doesn’t have a limit set in such a way that you can check the amount of storage using that command.

But since df shows space for mounted filesystems and not just folders, that means that each Repl’s folder is mounted separately, and has it’s own storage limits, apart from the system (99% sure about this).

Because of that, it is possible to overcome storage limits by storing files outside of your Repl’s folder, although this only works for temp. files because only the Repl’s folder is persistent.

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We are going to allow users to pay for more storage above the hacker plan in the new year with a new power up tenatively named Infinity Drive, stay tuned!


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