Is is ok if all of my metres are at 100%?

Is it ok if all of my things are at 100%, eg Ram, Storage and also CPU?
My repl
When i run it goes really slow and me no likey, i need my moolah

import os
for i in range(1000000):
  os.system(f'echo "t{i+1}=Thread(target=task)"  >>')
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first of all welcome to the community!
and yes its fine to have all the meters 100%

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Generally it’s probably OK, but if you try to push the RAM limit; processes might start to be killed until the your back under the RAM limit, and you won’t be able to use more storage than is available (at least until the wip Infinity Drive beta is released allowing you to purchase more storage), if you reach the CPU limit; processes might slow down. You can increase CPU power using boosts if you need. :smile:


The reason why it’s probably so high is that you are doing a for loop repeating 1 million times.


I know him irl, it was at 1000000000000000000000000000000000 repeats

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