Is Invite button in the Free Version?

I have Hacker version and see the Invite button (to Generate a Link).
Is this feature in the FREE VERSION of Replit?

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Hey, @DianeAlbers welcome to the forums!

Where do you see an invite link on Replit?

When I open one of My Repls, I can click an Invite button (top bar) and it opens a window where I can “invite” people (which I don’t do), but at the bottom of that window is a “Generate a link” button. I click that button, copy the resulting link and paste it into a group chat channel in Telegram. Others can click the link and then they can see/share my code when they log in to their Replit session.

Yes that is avalible to peopel on the free version. That will make it so people that click they link are “collaborators” on the repl. That means they can edit the code add file and folders and even delete everything. Thats why we don’t allow them here on Ask.

I demonstated it in our Jeff.Pro PythonGroup5 Chat Channel, and the other student in the class could not see the Invite button in his My Repl project. Is there a way he/she can have this capability added to their My Repls, to be able to share their code with others in our team Telegram chat channel?

Its disabled for students so they cant share it with friends (that’s a guess). Feel free to suggest in in #feature-requests

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Hi @DianeAlbers it would depend if the student was using a project in Teams for Edu or a Repl created from their own account. If they are in Teams for Edu they cannot invite others from a project Repl - that’s deliberate to avoid others jumping in and doing/stealing their work - but they can be part of a teacher-organised group and the teacher can always access their code.

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