Is HTML/CSS considered a programming language?

Honestly, I think together, they are a programming language. What do you guys think?

  • YES!
  • Only HTML is a programming language
  • Only CSS is a programming language

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HTML is a markup language… CSS is a style sheet language and technically not a programming language but does have some qualities of a language. I love CSS :heart:

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also you: picks “Only css is a programming language”

Yes because I like CSS.

Ah together, they are closer but not fully. Alone, no.

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Then why didn’t you pick, “NNONONONON YOU’RE CRAZY”?

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listen… it’s not… like really, no

What if you include javascript in the mix? Not javascript by itself, but only in the mix of the other two?


All are data representation languages, and further markup/stylesheet languages. I would say yes to language, but no to programming language.


I mean technically but I would put HTML at the same “level” of programming lang-ness as markdown and rst

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Google says a “program” is “a series of coded software instructions to control the operation of a computer or other machine.”

One could in theory argue that markup is a series of coded instructions that control the operation of the pixels in your display.

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Both aren’t programming languages to me. People’s opinions are cool though


They are languages but not programming languages. HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language. And CSS is Cascading Style Sheets. It literally says they aren’t in their names


Yes, HTML is markup language & CSS is Cascading Style Sheet.
But, anything that can be interpreted by the Computer, is a Computer Language.

  • Level 0: machine language
  • Level 1: Binary language
  • Level 2: Low level language: C & C++;
  • Level 3: non-VM interpreted High level language: GoLang
  • Level 4: VM interpreted language: Python, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Python needs CPython VM to run; Java needs Java VM to run; JavaScript, HTML, CSS needs browser engine(VM) such as V8 to run.


Use ChubML if anything.

Your ruining my life!!!

(but you are correct)


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No, HTML and CSS are markup languages.

Programming Language: some executable commands that make up a program
Markup Language: some elements that gets parsed into a view

Is HTML really a bunch of commands?
If you make a full game with PURE HTML (no JavaScript), then I’ll agree HTML is a programming language.

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Depends on how “Programming Language” is being used. In the case of “Programming Language”, this is the following definition:

A programming language is a system of notation for writing computer programs.[1] Most programming languages are text-based formal languages, but they may also be graphical. They are a kind of computer language.

In the context of programming languages, HTML is considered one.

Now onto the next word: Computer Language

A computer language is a formal language used to communicate with a computer. Types of computer languages include:

Although HTML is not in the “same league” as the other languages, it is still a markup language and then inherently a computer language.