Is Hacker plan still worth it?

Is Hacker plan still worth it? I’ve done some Google searches but they’re all from 2020.

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Could you explain more on this?

How…? It’s pretty straightforward.

Well, I feel that Hacker is pretty worth it. You get more storage, unlimited private repls and and a faster workspace.
I think that the main pro is the increase of storage, you can then create more repls (yay!) and you don’t have to be worried about how much storage it takes up.

If you want a great plan, go for Pro.
It may be expensive, but you have Ghostwriter, and it specialises in code (compared to ChatGPT).


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My thoughts are that it depends. If you want to host apps espesaly bigger ones no its not worth it and you should use another platform. But if you are new and want/need everything set up and just want to click a button to get it to run it is worth it IMO.


I’m not really new, I’m just using it for hosting my websites

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If its static sites I dont think you need it since free deployments of static sites are coming soon. If its full stack then I think its better to invest in deployments instead of hacker.


Isn’t that the same thing Replit said in April/May when deployments first came out?

Yes but the beta was recently opened for it so its truly coming soon now