Is Ask a social platform?

To clarify, Ask is NOT meant to be a social forum. Social activities are a burden to the staff and moderation and when in excess will be shut down. Ask is meant to be a help/support forum. The social forum is community owned.


If there is a topic about programming or Replit discussion is allowed.


Hi there! Here’s your answer from the Community Standards:


I was told otherwise :confused:

What were you told? I can work to clarify or correct it so others dont get confused.


To me, this appears to be closely related to Replit, especially because in that post I was going to talk about projects I made since I was suspended, future projects I wanted to work on, and to see if anyone wanted to help me make those things. This is all the post was going to say:


Hi everyone!

As some of you may know, I was banned from Replit a few months ago, but I am back now!

While I was gone, I worked on many projects that I would love to show you!

The main project I worked on with my friend from school, is called Cat Ears Extension! It’s a browser extension that adds cat ears to the logos of many popular websites including, but not limited to, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more!

Cat Ears Extension - Chrome Web Store

Additionally, I have some other projects I would like to work on in the future, so PM me if any of you are interested!

It’s great to be back!



IIRC that was in reference to a topic you wanted to make saying that you were un-suspened. Those are too chatty and go against rule 5


It’s the way you originally described the post; when you described it you said ‘saying I am back’, which does sound like a chatty topic not very relevant to Replit. To describe it in another way, it almost sounds like it is an announcement or something that might go on a personal blog, which is not really what Ask is for.

The post below would be okay as it would be a showcase some cool projects you’ve worked on, which is a bit different to what you broadly described.


Chatting is no longer allowed on ASK J.

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@whileTRUEpass Yes I know that and the whole point of my post was to show how it wasn’t just “chatting” as you say.

I do tend to agree with @MattDESTROYER assessment of your post. Just use a better title next time.


Wdym “title”? I never made the post.

But I was asking for help in part of my post? Idk, maybe I am still wrong, and I just don’t understand how rigid the rules are? I thought it still applied to ask, (we do have a showcase category correct?) and in the post, I could just express my excitement to be back, but instead I was shut down.

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I meant post … i need a coffee i think.

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Thank you for clarifying. It sounds like we didn’t have quite enough context before, but if the focus is on building on Replit like @MattDESTROYER described above and it follows the rest of our community standards, I’m ok with it. If you post and it’s not, then we’ll let you know!


He meant when you said “saying that I am back”