IP stopping output!

Can you force Ip being used, so our security protocols do not stop the output from working?

Replit Profile: https://replit.com/@jstratton2

Hi @jstratton2 , welcome to the forums!
I don’t think Replit can do anything about this. You may have to unblock on your side, but this is a recent bug that I believe is not just about the domain (replit.dev) being blocked.

Hi Nate,

We have tried unblocking, but due to Replit creating different IP’s every time it runs a new code, it is almost impossible to fix this issue.

Real shame as we might need to use a different tool if this cant be fixed.

Different IPs? So just blocking *.replit.dev doesn’t work? I see.
However, the output not showing up seems to be a recent bug that shows up, and the Replit Staff are working to solve the issue.