IP address is not Syncing / Playwright - Selenium

Hi all ,

i was wondering why my ip address is not syncing with my Ip, while using playwright and Selenium , the Ip address return by httpbin.org/ip while i scrap data from Replit IDE is different from my Normal Ip address i get in normal browser.

please i will like to sync this to avoid being ban
Thanks in Advance !

I think it’s because it is reporting the IP of the server, not the user.

Thanks greatly, do you have any idea how to change that?

To my knowledge, no. But it believe it’s possibly as I’ve seen others that do it.

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Wow great, please do you have any references I can look into

@joecooldoo (python)


you mind if I peek at the ip (joke)

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it was a joke and no answer was expected. Anyways yoink.