iOS: repls don't load

Problem description:
Hi replit, I like your iOS app,

And wanna say thank you for your masterpiece that i run on iPhone7,

And it’s real magic that

I craft ai-code in replit:

But today when i try open any repl —

it starts loading but not loading :frowning:

How to fix bug?

Expected behavior:
Repl loaded

Actual behavior:
Repl loading but not load

Steps to reproduce:

Bug appears at this link:

iOS 15.7.4/iPhone7

How long have you waited for it to load? It can take a while depending on the size of the repl IIRC.

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Hi, before today it load for 20-30 sec, today i all day try open repl and wait from 2 min to 20. I update iOS, clean cash, reinstall replit but it don’t help

Up. Somebody face these bug? What to do

Is this something that has always happened, and do you know how long it has been happening and what triggered it?

I’m pay for additional memory in replit now (hacker plan) but it’s not work not in app and not in browser:( now in my life I have only phone, im from belarus and after events 2020 I move to poland, and try to build ai-app for change not only my situation but all who in situation like me, when user have no place for life, have no money, product but want live on the earth. So I code soma: ai-app for product/brand-building with ai. And I don’t understand what it triggered, mb cause in not new phone. When i try send bug in app — app crushed:(

Replit may be trying to fetch modules/scripts that you may have installed. Either they have a really huge file size/have a lot of files or some security firewall is blocking/giving a hard time for Replit from being able to fetch/use the script.

If you have any firewalls turned on, try turning them off and see if that fixed the issue.

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Hmmm, my soma repl is small openai based code. And about firewalls. I turn off vpn and repl loaded. I turn on, and it’s not loading again. But all time previous replit normally work with vpn. Without vpn discomfort for me. What to do in these case.

And of course thank you :slight_smile:
Cause in vpn

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