Invite team members from CSV is not sending an invite even though the invite is pending

Problem description:

Invite team members from CSV is not sending an invite even though the invite had been made via CSV

Expected behavior:
The person /account that has been invited should get a message - or there should be list of invites in their Team

Actual behavior:

The invite is not being sent.

Steps to reproduce:
Invite team members via “Manage you team’s members”.
Check for the invitation in the the person who has been invited account
Bug appears at this link:

sdv602python - Replit

Both in MS Edge and Chrome/ Windows/ Rog Zephyros

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Hey @tekihui!

Are you still seeing the issue? The account: tekihui appears to have access to the team, sdv602python.

Yes, I added direct , not from the csv.
Also , I think I need to go to the privacy mode that is for under 13s, mainly because it is a pain asking students to create yet another account. Could we talk about using the Microsoft authentication system with our students?

We don’t support Microsoft authentication on Replit, but I will ask the team to see if this is something we can implement.

Kia Ora
Didi you manage to figure out what is going on with the CSV based invitations?

We have identified the issue, that we aren’t detecting the timezone of the user when exporting the CSV. I have let the team know that this is an issue, but we do not have an ETA on a fix yet.

I apologize, I have gotten this issue confused for another one. I have just sent this one to the team so we can look into why CSV invites aren’t working. I will let you know as soon as I have an update.

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Would you mind inviting me to the team using a CSV so I can check the invites in the database?

My Replit username: ShaneAtReplit
My Replit email:

Please use whichever method you use when inviting your students (email or username).

Lastly, send me the CSV file here so I can verify the information in the file versus the info in our database.

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Kia ora
Sorry for the late reply.
Yes tomorrow NZ time, I’ll do this.


(Attachment template.csv is missing)

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template.csv sent via gmail.

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I was successfully invited to the team. Can you have the members you tried to invite originally, check their spam folder and their inbox for an email that looks like this:


I think I know the difference, The ‘name’ column was not a valid user name in the first attempt?

I’ll have a go and let you know next Monday, after the class starts :wink:

Kia ora
Todd Cochrane PhD

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