Invalid username or password

Hi there, I’ve seen a few posts about this but I still don’t understand how to fix it for myself. Since the recent log in preference update, I have been unable to sign into my old replit account (the one that does not include an email for username). How can I access this account?

Hi @conleyb1 !
Since logs you out, can you try going to Does that keep you logged in?

Hey Nate, this just logs me into my new account… My previous account with username @conleyb is unavailable since the log in preferences changed.

Did you have any connected services (e.g. Google, Github)?
If not, please email for the team to assist you.

I do have my github linked (as I have pushed a few projects to my github)… but I couldnt figure out how to log in via github.

At, click Login with Github:


Wow your the best! Thank you so much!!

No problem! Happy to help!

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