Introduction to Programming

I really need help when it comes to programming. I am really struggling; I’ve started off well now it’s getting really hard.

Hey, @ee295 welcome to the forums.

Can you please provide a link to the repl and the exact problem you are facing? And if its just motivation you need feel free to ask for some.

Hi @ee295 are you working through the Python #100daysofcode on This might help!

Are you new to programming? If you’re, do you know which language to learn and where to go?

What are you trying to learn? I might be able to help!

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No something different to that.

Nice, I could make some code for this. I will post it in some hours!

Thank you very much.

I forgot that I also have another assignment that I need help on. I’ll state what it is below:
Write three functions:
• One, which when supplied with two integers, returns the smaller number raised to the
power of the larger number.
• Another function which returns a value of 1 if the sum of the two numbers is even and 0
if the sum is odd.
• And a third which returns the average of two supplied integers
To test your functions, write a program which prompts for two integers and then prints out
the power, odd/even and average calculations.
Your program should include the function prototypes.
Remember to include comments in your code.

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Hi @ee295 I really don’t think you should be posting your school / uni assignment tasks to this forum. It’s not right to expect others to do the work for you and your tutor will not understand how to help you if you are submitting work from someone else.

Please feel free to post questions that will help you understand the building blocks of programs, but don’t post tasks again.

@Hugo I know you want to help here but it’s not appropriate.


I know, sorry @ee295, but I can’t help you with school assignments since it would we cheating. We can help you with other not edu related things

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